New Light- Weight Gas Service Truck

The team at AT&TBC met with officials of a major gas utility company to design a new style light duty service truck. The major design objectives take into consideration budget constraints, equipment storage, and vehicle movability in tight turning radius situations.

The team decided to use a Peterbilt low profile chassis rated at 26,000 lb. GVWR with a Paccar diesel engine and automatic transmission. The wheelbase needs to be as short as possible while accommodating a body with a large selection of equipment and compartment space.

Also ,it was decided to construct the body using galvaneal or equivalent steel. Other body design features include using roll-up doors, installation of a hitch with an air chamber, and an overhead ladder rack. Installed equipment needs to include an underdeck rotary screw air compressor capable of delivering apx. 160 cfm @ 100-150 psi. The compressor is to be driven by a power take off (PTO) mounted on the truck transmission and plumbed to an air hose reel. For electrical power, a 6500 watt gas generator with an electric start should be installed on the body and connected to several 120 VAC outlets. For additional electrical power a 1200 watt inverter was recommended.

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New Light- Weight Gas Service Truck ready for delivery